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My presense at Isle of Man and Northwest

As I promised I would let you know when I will be present at the Isle of Man TT 2014.

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Update April 7th 2014

A month has passed so it’s time for the update I promised. The recovery of my knees and pelvis is progressing, but unfortunately not fast enough….

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Update March 4th

It’s about time for an update. I finished the rehabilitation program and I am busy with the preparations for next season . Unfortunately I noticed that the last part of my rehabilitation proceeds less smoothly than I expected…

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Personal message 23-11-2013

After my spectacular Isle of Man adventure I am finally fit enough to post a message. I ‘m still working on my rehabilitation, but it is going in the right direction. I have to go to the rehabilitationcentre three times a week and this will last until the end of this year. My crash during the Isle of Man TT is still following me, but nevertheless I am already getting my bike ready for next season . Indeed, I do not stop yet!

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Isle of Man TT – 25th of May  – 7th of June 2013 –

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North West 200 – 12th – 18th of May 2013 –

The weather was grimm during the North West 200 event. Lots of rain made it hard to feel safe on such a dangerous track. After three rounds in the “ Newcomers laps”  the ignition switch of my bike broke. So I couldn’t ride further. Despite the minor setback I felt good on the bike…

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Hengelo (GLD) – 11th and 12th of May 2013 – 

The days in Hengelo were, unlike previous years, gray and rainy. Preparations in the winter were quite minimal and that made it an even greater challenge to ride in the rain. The first qualifying was difficult and the choice for slicks was not the best. Due to the difficult circumstances I ultimately finished in sixth place. The second qualifying was completely wet and that made the tire choice not very difficult…

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Branko still needs sponsors to get all the funding he needs for racing the IRRC this season. I would like to ask all of his friends, fans and sponsors to help Branko!

Every bit helps, small and big amounts. If you’re not able to donate please like, share or tweet this message. The more people see this message the more successful this action will be.

You or your family, friends or colleagues can be a “Club 100″ member! please visit the following page for more information: Club 100

You can become a sponsoring or a “Club 100″ member by bank transfer:
IBAN Number: NL35 RBRB 0825 3823 94
In the name of: B. Srdanov

Thanks a lot, Ben!

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