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    Ice Valley by Motosave

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    Branko Srdanov IRRC champion 2012

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    TT debut in 2013!

Just a few more weeks to the start of the IRRC of 2015. This seemed like a good time for me to leave a message for you guys on my website. Since the crash on Isle of Man 2013 I was very busy with my recovery and to pick my technical school up again.
Furthermore my team and I are very busy fixing the bike again. A lot of things have been replaced and repaired and we are almost there.

I plan on participating the IRCC2015! My team and I are very busy searching sponsors. We need to do a lot of things before we can get back on track but we are anticipating going! Will you be too?


As one of the biggest fans of the Flying Dutchman Branko Srdanov I started a Gofundme page!

I would like to ask all of his friends, fans and sponsors to help Branko race again! Every bit helps, small and big amounts. If you’re not able to donate please like, share or tweet this message. The more people see this messsage the more successfull this action will be.

Please visit Gofundme to make a donation!

Thanks a lot, Ben